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The Details

Sinplicity is a catering company that got its start creating amazing ice creams. The “Sin” in the company name “Sinplicity” comes from the alchohol that they put in their ice cream giving it a subtle but distinguishable kick. They use only natural ingredients and the all their ice cream is made the old fashioned way with recipes that chef Leeland Atkinson developed himself. Chef Atkinson wrote the Julia Child-Award Winning book “¡Cocina!” and has served up his delicious creations at a variety of food service venues such as Tom Flynn’s Plantation House, Ritz-Carlton Hotels and the White House.

In 2011 the owners of Sinplicity approached me through Belmont with the idea of creating a food service vehicle that they would take to various events in the surrounding area. They wanted the design to be unique, highly visible and to have a playful theme to it. They had already purchased a vehicle and had tried several other graphics / branding companies in the area before they came to me. They just simply weren’t happy with the results others had produced and wanted a fresh perspective on the concept. I had helped them with their brand identity in 2004 when they were first starting out and they felt that I just “got them”.

The Process

Since there were no engineering schematics or detail drawings of the vehicle the first step was to create them. I measured every square inch of the truck to produce a detailed schematic as close as I could to the actual dimensions. From there I began refining the concept of the flying cows which they had decided was a perfect match to their namesake. The wings in particular were critical to this design. I wanted to ensure they came off as angelic rather than birdlike. After several variations I landed on a few that worked. I then played with possible color variations and created cloud-like illustrations to match the style of the cows. Once all the supporting graphic elements were produced I worked to create the vehicle wrap using my detailed schematic as a guide. The challenge with any graphic that wraps around a vehicle is to ensure that the corners match up. The graphic needed to be seamless so that when you walked around the vehicle you connot see a beginning or an end. Ultimately they landed on the design pictured above and the vehicle was an immediate hit. You can see the vehicle around the Metro D.C. Area and at local food and beverage events. If you do I highly encourage you to give their ice cream a try. You won’t regret it.