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The Details

Matech Solutions is an innovative engineering and manufacturing company that has made a name for themselves with their ability to develop solutions where many others have failed. They do this by hiring employees that not only have the technical skills to get the job done right but also have the creative ability to think through difficult and complex problems. Though creative in most areas of their business their corporate identity and brand had become somewhat dated and needed a refresh. I was tasked with creating a new corporate identity with a progressive look and feel. One that could help set the stage for their growth thus marking a turning point in the future of the company.

The Process

Anytime I set out to create a visual identity for a new client a critical step in my process is gathering as much information about the company as possible. Producing a list of keywords that describe the organization can help distill large amounts of information down. For Matech Solutions I selected a handful of keywords that best described the organizations unique abilities. Words that visuals could be developed around further validating the concepts. For this project I designed two concepts as well as provided art direction to the rest of the design team on alternate concepts. In the end the client decided to go with one of the concepts I developed (pictured above). After the selection I refined the typographic elements of the mark ensuring that no detail was overlooked. I then produced a handful of sample brand applications and developed a brand standards guide to ensure proper usage of the visuals.